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The story

How does AMericano work?

  • Order ahead for quick in-store pick up of all your wine and specialty grocery needs

  • Browse the shelves in person with a glass of wine

  • Relax at the bar with a glass of wine and some snacks

  • Pick any wine off the shelf and enjoy in-store for just $10 above retail.

why americano?

Because we’re the kind of people who can still tell you the beers we were each drinking the first night we hung out together.

Because food and wine -- and the people who produce
them -- have a story to tell.

Because even after eating roughly 1,000 of them (give or take), a handmade ball of burrata cheese can still be mind-blowing.

Because we’re the kind of people who believe every meal should start with great sparkling wine. Including breakfast.

Because after a combined 25 years in hospitality, it was time to do things our way.

Because there’s nothing quite like the feel of a heavy rocks glass in your hand. Preferably one filled with a Negroni.

Because we’re the kind of people who see shelves stocked with olives, some cured meat, a couple of cheeses, and a loaf of bread and think “Well we’ve got dinner figured out. What are we drinking with it?”

Because we’re the kind of people who never re-order the same glass

of wine so we can keep exploring the unfamiliar.

And because most importantly, we’re the kind of people who try something new and exciting and can’t wait to tell everyone around us “You have GOT to try this.”

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