Caponi Gluten Free Pasta is made exclusively with corn flour (70%) and rice flour (30%). The pasta contains no mono- nor diglycerides of fatty acids or any other emulsifier and is entirely natural. Because the pasta is bronze cut, it has a porosity and roughness that help hold sauces and spices. Gluten free pasta requires more attention during the cooking process.Caponi pasta is carefully hand-crafted using only the best ingredients. Each stage of the production process is meticulously controlled by the individual worker. The long drying time, 70 – 80 hours at room temperature, is a distinguishing characteristic of Pastificio Caponi, and ensures the organoleptic quality of the dough is not altered. The result is a pasta with a rich color, a beautiful smooth and velvety texture and an exquisite, rich flavor. 

Caponi, Gluten Free Maccheroni

  • 8.8 oz (250 g)

    Origin: Italy